George Brata

Frontend 🕸 Developer


Web aficionado. Blockchain enthusiast. Coffee sponge.

For the last 6 years, I've been crafting beautifully smart web interfaces in all kinds of professional environments, from startups to corporate.

I am comfortable wearing multiple hats in the process of building digital products if the high-level vision is making the world a better place for all humanity like we do at DigitalKids Cluj.

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • Javascript
  • Typescript logo Typescript
  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Ionic logo Ionic


  • Figma logo Figma
  • InVision
  • Canva logo Canva

Other tools

  • Wordpress logo Wordpress
  • WooCommerce logo WooCommerce
  • GlideApps logo Glide
  • Manychat logo Manychat
  • Google Analytics logo Analytics
  • Stripe logo Stripe
  1. Freelance Frontend Developer Current

  2. Vue.js Developer @SHE Information Technology

    Working with a big engineering team on maintaining Vue.js components of a huge web platform based on FirstSpirit CMS. This web application supports 50+ languages, multiple themes, distributed file-sharing systems and personalized content.

  3. Frontend Developer @Salt&Pepper

    Working for a Maltese gaming company to deliver modern online casinos for the New Zeeland market. We used their proprietary frontend framework built with Vue.js 2.0 to bootstrap the platforms, and our team's main responsibilities were updating the looks&feel of each product to match the given design system.

  4. Education Mentor @Rubik School

    Driven by Agile Learning, the Rubik community offers weekly online classes for Romanian kids in multiple domains, starting from Art, Music and Literature to Programming, Maths and Journalism. My main responsibility was creating the Scratch, Web and Python modules and delivering it to kids using online learning tools.

  5. Vue.js Freelancer @SecureEdge

    SecurEdge helps businesses across the US solve their WiFi challenges by providing expert engineering services. My main task was migrating the old MVP built with PHP to a modern web application using Vue.js 2.0 and working closely with the UX and backend teams to add new functionalities, all within an agile development environment.

  6. Frontend Web Developer @QCatalyst

    Building, deploying and maintaining high-performant consumer-facing web applications for our main overseas client, National Geographic. I've been involved in all stages of building a digital product, but my main focus was on delivering frontend functionalities using React.js.

  7. Trainer @Digital Kids Current

    At Digital Kids Cluj we are helping 8-12 years old children grasp the digital skills they need in order to keep up with the tools we have in the 21st century. We keep classes small, up to 12 students and there are multiple levels of age and difficulty - from introducing them to the computer and the Web to concepts of programming in Javascript and Python. Beside our regular classes each week we continuously grow and unfold projects and partnerships every year. We succeeded in having Google, Microsoft, Fundatia Progress and Orange (for the third year in a row) as partners and with their help we reached and initiated over 7 000 kids from Romania in Computer Science.

  8. UI Developer @3 Pillar Global

    The framework used to build the frontend application was Backbone with Chaplin as an architecture model so we would respect MVV* design patterns and we used a lot a client's internal library to create and maintain uniform components across the app. We used GitHub for versioning control and CircleCI for CI/CD. We wrote (some) unittests using Jest and we tested cross-browser using BrowserStack.

  9. Junior Web Developer @Yonder

    Working for a US-based client in the education sector and over the following months we built 2 medium-size applications using AngularJS and Angular 2. For bug-tracking, issue reporting, sprint management, code-reviews and continuous integration we used Team Foundation Server on a server hosted in-house.

  10. Computer Science B.Sc.

    Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

  11. Mathematics - Informatics

    Emanuil Gojdu High School, Oradea